Ólafur Páll Geirsson


Ólafur Páll Geirsson

I'm Olaf, a computer science graduate from EPFL in Switzerland.

Interested in devtools, particularly for Scala. In my spare time I like to read, take photos and ski.

Current status: working at the Scala Center on Scala refactoring tools and Scala macros.


Nov 2017. What's happening with macros?

Oct 2017. Roadmap towards non-experimental macros

Sep 2017. Catch bugs with Scalafix v0.5

Feb 2017. Refactor with scalafix v0.3

Oct 2016. Introducing scalafix: a code migration tool for Scala

Oct 2016. scala.meta at scala.world

Jun 2016. Master's thesis done

May 2016. scalafmt at flatMap(Olso)

Feb 2016. Three cool things you can do with scala.meta

Nov 2015. Slick codegen and Scala.js

Oct 2015. Authorization with Autowire

Jun 2015. Directembedding: Concealing the Deep Embedding of DSLs

Sep 2014. Launaskil: payroll managment for independent contractors

Jun 2014. Orðspor: labeling named entities with computer games

Dec 2013. Buddy AutoMagic

Nov 2013. IceQC

Sep 2013. IceQA

Apr 2013. Permutation pattern avoidance